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Book Review: “Scott Thornbury’s 30 Language Teaching Methods.”

Many English language instructors take a circuitous route to their career. That was certainly the case for me. When I found myself years into this career without the pedagogical knowledge required to be the kind of teacher I wanted to be, it was time to play catch up. That’s when I came across Scott Thornbury’s…

Technology for Collaborative Academic Research (Discord, Zotero, and Google Drive)

Collaborative academic research can be an enriching and fruitful experience. But it comes with its own set of questions like, “A few weeks ago you were saying something interesting about the methods section. What was that again?” Luckily, these sorts of problems can be solved easily by using a few pieces of key technology.

How to Write a Book Review for a Specific Journal

Book reviews are important for their academic communities and a great publishing opportunity for early career researchers. What I want to do in this ipblog post is take a more in depth look at how to write a book review for a specific journal. Besides consulting the requirements the journal may have available, there are…


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